Book of the Month

David H. Jonassen

Modeling with Technology: Mindtools for Conceptual Change (2006)

Notable Quote

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."
Albert Einstein

Instructional Design

What is Instructional Design (ID)? If you ask yourself this question, you'll be hard pressed to find straightforward answers in the literature. For the purpose of a quick definition, I am using Smith and Ragan's. In their Instructional Design book, the authors indicate, "instructional design refers to the systematic process of translating learning into plans for instructional materials and activities" (1993). Smith and Ragan proceed to explain in detail both design and instruction, and bring to the table several terms that are broadly used in ID: education, training, and teaching.

Curious about ID?

Are you interested in instructional design? One of the best ID programs in the country is Penn State University's Learning, Design, and Technology, a combination of instructional systems design, educational psychology, and communication.


Listed below are a few resources to help you find out more about instructional design.

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