Book of the Month

David H. Jonassen

Modeling with Technology: Mindtools for Conceptual Change (2006)

Notable Quote

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."
Albert Einstein


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About Me

Eugeniu Grigorescu, of Romanian descent... I arrived in the states at the beginning of the 1990s shortly after the overthrow of Nicolae Ceauşescu and his totalitarian version of communism. Culture shock upon arrival? An understatement!

To begin my acculturation, a drive across the country was in order… Check! To continue, I completed my undergraduate studies in sociology and graduate work in instructional technologies at Bloomsburg University. Next step, working! The place of employment: The University of Scranton, a Northeast Pennsylvania Jesuit school.

To fully acculturate, numerous trips to beautiful national parks… To complete the process, I decided on a Ph.D. degree from Penn State University in Instructional Systems. Stay tuned to find out the outcome…